【Event Information】 Virtual Hackathon “EO DASHBOARD HACKATHON”

-This page is a translation of Japanese contents.-

JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) is collaborating with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency) in the earth observation utilization related to COVID-19. “EO DASHBOARD HACKATHON*”will be taking place from June 23-29, 2021. In this Hackathon coders, scientists, entrepreneurs and all space enthusiasts are invited to join the online Earth Observation Dashboard Hackathon. Participants will create virtual teams and solve challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic using data from the Earth Observation Dashboard. The challenge topics are: air and water quality, economic, social and agricultural impacts, greenhouse gas effects and impacts on the interconnected Earth system.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts from NASA, ESA and JAXA in virtual chats, submit projects and offer solutions to improve the dashboard.

*EO DASHBOARD HACKATHON:Earth Observing Dashboard Hackathon


■Event Dates■

June 23rd ~Jun 29th

(After examination at a later date the winning team** will be announced)

■Detail Info■

**The winning teams will have the opportunity to receive the ALOS2 data, etc. as extra prizes.

▶ JAXA:ALOS-2 data(limited area)

▶ NASA:Opportunity to observe launches on NASA facilities(Excluding travel expenses, etc.)

▶ ESA:Right of use for Euro Data Cube developed by ESA