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ALOS-2 Sample Data

Historic drought impacting the Po River Basin in Northern Italy

Global warming increases the likelihood of drought, and even if scientists are still studying the connection between the unforgiving summer in the Po River basin and the broader phenomenon of climate change, dry periods of varying severity are becoming the new normal for farmers everywhere.
Climate change can also affect precipitation patterns around the world, making dry areas drier.

In nouthern Italy, there was less snowfall last winter and this spring was less rainfall in the region. And this summer brought the entire Europe with heat wave and higher temperatures made the Po River water level lower than usual and dried out soils and vegetation that affected water availability for agriculture.

Change Analysis between 2 periods (Aug 2021 and Jul 2022)

PASCO conducted a simple analysis using images from two time periods.
We picked up the images of the dried area of the Po River downstream captured ALOS-2 SAR satellite. One image was captured on August 4, 2021 (under normal condition) and the other one was captured on July 7, 2022 (affected by drought).                
Scene ID : ALOS2388840890-210804 Observation Date : Aug 4, 2021
Scene ID : ALOS2438520890-220706 Observation Date : Jul 6, 2022

We have created composite images of two spectral bands; for the observation of 2021 in "Red" and 'Blue" for 2022.
For the reference purpose, we did comparison of ALOS-2 composite image with Sentinel-2 optical satellite image and we were able to distinguish red areas where crops had good growth and blue areas indicated poor crop growth.
By focusing on the Po River, the blue color indicates that the river bed is visible because there is no water this year.

Color composite image of 2 acquisition periods

ALOS-2 imageries specifications
  Observation mode:StripMap (SM3)
  Off nadir angle:32.5 degrees
  Beam ID:F2-6

Product processing level and parameters
  Level 2.1 (Orthorectified)
  Orbit accuracy:Most accurate and available
  Map projection:UTM
  Image format:GeoTiff
  Pixel spacing:6.250m
  Scene shift:0 (no shifting)

Reference:ALOS-2 Product Parameter Setting for Archived Data

If you are interested in the above imageries, we can provide them as samples, so please describe "【ALOS-2 Sample Data】Drought Basin the Po River, Italy" in the detail inquiry of “Contact us”.

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