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ALOS-2 Tips

ALOS-2 Altitude Setting for Spotlight Mode

ALOS-2 has three observation modes: Spotlight, Stripmap and ScanSAR mode.
By selecting the most suitable mode depending on a purpose, an optimal observation will be made.

    SPT_EN.JPG         SM_EN.JPG         WD_EN.JPG    

When observing with the spotlight mode, which has the highest resolution of the ALOS-2 observation modes, it is necessary to specify the altitude.
SAR satellites basically irradiate microwaves toward a point of 0m. Therefore, it is possible to observe the target by specifying the altitude when observing an area with a high altitude.

    altitude setting_EN.JPG

As shown in the figure on the right, if the altitude is not specified when observing a high altitude area, ALOS-2 receives the reflected wave (backscattering) of the microwave irradiated toward the point of 0m. Thus, a point different from the observation target will be observed.

When ordering a new data acquisition with spotlight mode, you need to specify the appropriate altitude (unit: m) according to the observation target.

You can see how to order a new data acquisition from here.

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