Buildings / Houses Change Detection


Survey on the houses is necessary but it creates burden on local officers. And due to lack of budget for outsourcing, it is difficult to complete survey of the whole areas.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it facilitates the survey of wide areas in short time with rapid processing.

Buildings&House Change Detection_1.png


The AI-powered change categorization model was applied to aerial photographs or satellite images acquired two time (time series) periods to extract information on the built-up area.
Our in-house developed AI model is composed of “Building Detection Model” and “Change Categorization Model”.
Firstly, the buildings/houses are detected from the aerial or satellite images by utilizing “Building Detection Model”.
After that, the “Change Categorization Model” determines changes in buildings/houses.
The provision of our service is applicable not only in the field of  taxation, but also in various fields such as urban planning and the issuance of Damage Certificate in the event of a disaster.

Processing flow

Buildings&House Change Detection_2.png