ALOS-2 Monthly Package/Trial Package - 6 Months Sales Campaign -

We are pleased to announce the ALOS-2 Monthly Package/Trial Package - 6 Months Sales Campaign -.

For the purpose of promoting the use of SAR satellite data, we have started selling data pack products at a more affordable price for a limited time and in limited quantities. Whether you are already using it or are considering using it for the first time, please take advantage of this opportunity. If you purchase for 3 consecutive months or more, we will offer a 20% discount from the above unit price for continuous purchase discounts for products that have been purchased for 3 months or more. This campaign is limited to the period specified below. Since the number of contracts reaches the limited number of each product, the reception may be terminated earlier than the above period.

Details can be found on the following page. We look forward to receiving your applications.
Campaign Site:

■ Applicable Pack Products
ALOS-2 new data acquisition & archived images / Stripmap mode

■ Implementation Guidelines

■ Campaign Period

【Sales period of pack products】
September 1, 2023 ~ February 28, 2024

【Application acceptance period】
August 7, 2023 ~ February 15, 2024 (new observations: until January 15, 2024)